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pootin vs hitler

well, comparing pootin with hitler became a worldwide fad. and this comparison does only scratch the surface while being entirely wrong, and, i am sure, was planted in your mind on purpose, in order to shadow true historical similarities.

current situation around ukraine is only formally similar to 1938. regarding true motives of the parties involved it is a copy of 1803.
are u bad at memorizing dates? mee too.
in 1803 all european monarchies made a coalition against new-born French republic, in order to suffocate the freedom of people and thwart spreading of the revolution, therefore keep the aristocratic regimes in their countries.
today's europe is fucking afraid of ukrainian revolution. the revolution that reveals democracy theater and true aristocratic nature of contemporary society of europe.
in 1803 european monarchs employed the utterly stupid and irrationally aggressive russian tzar Aleksander-1 for the dirtiest part of the job. he dispatched hundreds of thousands of russins into the bloody cauldron of war without a second thought -- russians are abundant, aren't they?
today's pootin is analoguos to tzar Alexander-1 he does not count people in units less than a million, he is insanely afraid of this revolution, he is greedy, and probaby not mentally sane.
russia is a perfect tool to supress people's freedom in europe, and the european elite is operating this tool now, as they did in 1803
and, unlike 1803, it is possible for european leaders to keep their masks and disguise clean, being seemingly uninvolved while russia alone (following its truly deserved reputation of a mad bear) is doing all the bloody job.

and this is the answer to the question WHY NATO having, perfect casus belli, do nothing to stop russia, despite OBLIGATIONS towards ukrane! despite loosing the reputation! -- because they want russia do draw ukrain in blood.

and this is why they propagate so eagarly these false allusions to hitler and WWII...

the only difference to 1803 is that ukrain lacks of Napoleon.
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