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pro bab #20

Here is an illustration of a typical christian "thinking" (multiplied by the feminine nature of the test subject), this is so fucking RICH that I refrain from commenting it. Enjoy:

Ivan: the more you go to the church of a false god, the worse are your afterlife prospects.

Maria: many people get cured in our churches from their diseases and I do not care what u say since u r not an expert on God. God cures people and helps them - he does not deceive. Devil deceives people and makes them sick and weak. if u do not believe or go to church - if u do sins like lying like u did - those are bad for your afterlife. in soviet union u had lenin as a false God and they wanted to replace real God and teach u to hate the church. that is why u think like that. some claim that Christianity destroyed original Slav multi god religion

Ivan: you don't care what i say, because you haven't met my god yet, and when you will, it will be too late

Maria: so what is your God? do u have a picture?

Ivan: what do you mean "what"? he is the creator and the ultimate master of your god.

Maria: Jesus is His son so if you hate Jesus you hate Him as well. You have to accept that God created Jesus and He loves him.

Ivan: i am not going to accept your false god! no way! i am on my way to salvation, unlike you. I warned you. You are free to cherish your delusions while you are alive. I do not care any more. I am not obliged to save you.

Maria: your god could be false as well. u got no proof

Ivan: you are free to insult my god as much as you see fit. those insults will be accounted for, LATER.

Maria: you are crazy or what? I just ask you for the proof and you say insult. where is your logical proof that your god is real. logical scientific person would have a proof. do you think that people that come out of military are nuts?

Ivan: you are not allowed to question the true god. only false gods tolerate "proofs"

Maria: you do not understand Christianity obviously. Jesus was a son of God not God. Don't know why some think He was a God and insult Him at the same time like yourself. Please read the story before you insult Jesus.

Ivan: i dont care. seriously. god or not, he is dragging you to eternal damnation. because there are MORE POWERFUL GODS, that hate jesus's followers and laugh at you all flocking like sheep in a butchery yard.

Maria: you are a member of some sect - that is obvious. and u r crazy. most Americans believe in Jesus salvation. those butchery ones will be destroyed. u better stop with that sect since your soul is so dirty - devil thing. Jesus was hated since long ago nothing new

Ivan: most americans who believe in Jesus go to hell, together with muslims who are even MORE NUMEROUS.

Maria: u cannot judge where people go. since u know nothing about religion. you are a commie so that is understandable. Aleksandr Dugin said they wanted to create a society based on Christianity - looks like u know more than him?

Ivan: i can. because i see how foolishly you all flock around false gods.

Maria: u too. do u know any Ukranian since u speak English all the time? obviously you are not Ukranian. only an English speaker

Maria: also colour is spelled in England but here we spell it color so I know u are not from USA

Ivan: could a true God creator of the Universe be a sexual pervert?

Maria: you are sexual pervert since you say word "masturbate" and now you want to project your thoughts on Jesus

Maria: right?

Maria: jesus was against sexual degenerate behaviors and adultery and dirty things that this chat is full of. and you also use bad words which is not ok according to Jesus teachings. jesus was teaching about purity and nowadays media does the opposite of jesus teachings and they brainwashed many young people to act like prostitutes. and talk dirty

Ivan: does Jesus WATCH you ALL the time?

Maria: no. he only sees you when u call him for help. only God can see everyone. Jesus is son not God. get it?

Ivan: so your god watches you ALL the time

Maria: well your God also. that's what the book says but I do not know if it is just like that. we cannot understand things literally. God the creator knows his people

Ivan: so your god watches you masturbating.

Maria: He watches u using profanities and being vulgar with a female which shows u r not a gentleman but not very well mannered person

Ivan: so your god is a sex pervert.

Maria: no you are a perverd

Ivan: does he watch you masturbating or not?

Maria: God never talks about it - u seem to be too much thinking about that and projecting your thoughts on Him. God is not like u!

Ivan: so he does NOT watch you all the time?

Maria: he watches u since u need a close watch - not me

Ivan: are you saying that your god is not watching you?

Maria: He is watching over us......not watching us. that is the difference

Ivan: so he does not know when you masturbate and when you don't.

Maria: you are provoking dirty talk but I am not falling for that! cheap provocation!

Ivan: if your god does not know what are you doing then what makes you sure that you are not possessed by Devil yet

Maria: God spirit is in me so I am not... but I think u are possessed big time

Ivan: and this spirit is with you when you are masturbating

Maria: and you are a chicken by the way - afraid to see ghosts

Ivan: does this spirit leave you for your "private" time?

Maria: you should watch masturbating ghosts - lol since you are opterecen - cannot find a word in English for this. you are OPTERECEN!!! this is how we call people who constantly think about dirty things

Ivan: does this spirit leave you at any time?

Maria: God does not watch people but angels watch over u. angels are between God and us

Ivan: so you imply that the god's angels are sexual perverts

Maria: however I believe that devil is with u by the way u talk

Maria: I saw ghosts many times

Maria: saw many you tube videos

Maria: I even heard them

Ivan: how many angels watch you when you masturbate?

Maria: and u are chicken afraid to see them

Maria: sick chicken

Maria: your mom masturbates and u saw her and now u think everyone is like her right?

Maria: and you saw your dad like that right?

Maria: that's why you have a sick mind?

Maria: but I cannot help u - u need to see a psychiatrist

Ivan: how many angels are watching you now?

Maria: they love us and help

Maria: they are pure

Maria: and not perverts

Maria: not sure they watch u

Maria: they do not like dirty people

Ivan: how many angels are watching you now?

Maria: don't know

Maria: but everyone has their guardian angels

Maria: don't be afraid of God - your sinful nature should get cleansed

Ivan: do you feel angels around you now?

Maria: no

Maria: we don't see them

Ivan: are you sure they see you?

Maria: yes they see people

Maria: and help when needed

Ivan: and they do so intentionally

Maria: they see u when u fart - lol

Ivan: do you communicate with them?

Maria: no

Maria: actually in some way yes

Maria: sometimes I get messages

Maria: they say you fart a lot

Ivan: do you ask them to leave when you masturbate?

Maria: no I ask them to leave u when u fart

Maria: so they can have fresh air

Ivan: so you allow them to watch.

Maria: hey you are obsessed with masturbating or what?

Ivan: i want to know how do you feel comfortable worshiping a sexual pervert god. (my god does not do those nasty things by the way, not even mediated by his aids)

Maria: so what is the name of your God? Vishnu? Krishna? Yahwe? Baal?

Ivan: he has no name

Maria: what is the word for God in Ukranian language?

Ivan: it is irrelevant. Words can only name false gods.

Maria: yes but how do you say God in Ukranian? or Russian

Ivan: i do not say that.

Maria: you do not speak Ukranian. otherwise u would know

Ivan: i already know all i need.

Maria: kak tebya zovut? kak tvoya familiya?

Ivan: so...

Maria: you did not understand your language - strange.

Ivan: you allow an entire army of angels to spy on you, and you enjoy their gaze

Maria: yes why not

Ivan: and who is a sex pervert here?!

Maria: hey, what r u talking about? why you mention nasty things all the time?

Ivan: because you do them

Maria: you keep repeating it over and over again yet u do not understand Ukranian

Ivan: you do it PUBLICLY

Maria: your mom does them or your dad and you blame it on others. you are a psychopath talking crazy things - have you seen a psychologist

Ivan: i have never seen anybody (you are the first) who masturbated in public

Maria: your mom does that - not me. but angels do not go close to people like that

Ivan: is there a place in hell for liers?

Maria: u r one obviously since u do not understand Ukranian

Maria: kak tebya zovut?

Maria: Lazov?

Maria: Lazov - means lier in Serbian

Ivan: do you believe that lying is a sin?

Maria: yes but I believe that sometimes its ok to lie to deceive an enemy

Ivan: did you count how many times have you sinned today?

Maria: today I did not sin

Ivan: how about insults?

Maria: but u do it since u talk nasty to me

Maria: its your sins not mine

Maria: and u r very aggressive in that

Maria: and persistent

Ivan: do you require cleansing after those talks?

Maria: u need to clean your dirty soul

Ivan: it never crossed your mind that you could be fundamentally wrong about EVERYTHING?

Maria: and what happened to u cacti? do u grow vegetables as well?

Maria: or u buy them

Ivan: every time you attempt to change the subject YOU ARE FAILING TO DEFEND YOUR FAITH

Maria: do u grow veggies or just cacti?

Ivan: your soul is irredeemable. bye.


Maria: you remind me of a person I know here and he got ptsd since he was in Iraq during the war

Maria: he acts strange and forces his opinions but he got no knowledge yet he is arrogant

Maria: and stubborn

Maria: but he does believe in God

Maria: and I wander about that

Maria: that is American believe that is not so real

Maria: I wander if u also got ptsd

Maria: or taking some narcotics

Maria: have u taken any pills in the past?

Maria: you need to visit monasteries as soon as possible

Maria: it will affect u deepely

Maria: some Chinese here became baptized

Maria: you can join them

Maria: that ptsd person I know was also abused by his father and his sisters were taking drugs and got pregnant and now he has to take care of his sisters kids since sister is deeply into drugs

Maria: so this is what happens to people who do not have God in their life

Maria: his mom was cheating on his dad and left his dad and his dad was beating him up to revenge since mom left

Maria: your name should be Yevgeny not Eugene

Maria: hahaha

Maria: oh look whos here

Maria: what is happening in Romania now since you are an expert?

Maria: ?

Maria: do u work in an embassy

Maria: He who has denied the Son has denied the Father

Maria: Hint : Father is the Creator God you are talking about

Maria: so you need to read the Bible with more understanding

...3 days later...

Maria: you lost your ability to write?

Ivan: what's your problem again?

Maria: what is yours? are you bipolar? first you write then you are you change moods often

Maria: something is bothering you. I got no problem

Ivan: your faith is weak.

Maria: don't question it but question yours

Maria: and your confusion with faith

Maria: you are moody too

Ivan: i do not have questions for you.

Maria: if you had God in your life you would not be moody so much

Maria: and empty

Ivan: a loser-god of the bible? no, thanx.

Maria: why loser? he saved humanity. showed them the direction

Ivan: yes, the direction to eternal damnation. sure.

Maria: what is a winner to you? someone who has money and power ?

Maria: or someone who changes humanity. inspires them

Maria: why eternal damnation? that's according to your thoughts?

Ivan: because you worship a fake god. not the true creator who created your god.

Maria: we worship both. God and we love his Son

Maria: and you seem to be of jewish faith since they only like the Creator but not the Son

Maria: that is the difference between those two faiths

Maria: Creator is the one that sent Jesus for humanity to be saved

Maria: so if you deny the Son you deny the Father who sent Him

Ivan: this one who fucked a 12 y/o girl and impregnated her with Jesus is not the Creator. he is an impostor.

Maria: jesus mom was not 12 year old -

Maria: why you always say bad F word

Maria: he was not created by physical contact - its divine pregnancy

Maria: otherwise he could not do any miracles

Maria: why would jesus cure sick people if he was an impostor?!

Ivan: miracles were performed to fool stupid people, to make them betray the true creator.

Maria: so u r jewish? they believe like u

Ivan: no. they do not belive in the true creator. they believe the same impostor you do.

Maria: so what is the name of your religion?

Ivan: it has no name

Maria: does it exist and is it registered?

Ivan: of course it is not registered?! what are you talking about?! THE GOD DOES NOT REQUIRE REGISTRATION WITH MORTALS!

Maria: yes but what kind of God is that

Ivan: THE CREATOR. who created all those puppet gods you doomed fools worship

Maria: what is the description of his laws ..etc?

Maria: according to your God can you marry your relatives etc?

Maria: or is it an idea coming from your mind of how God looks like

Maria: what are the laws?

Ivan: the laws of the nature!

Maria: yes but there are different laws....such as some animals go with the same sex

Maria: is gay accepted or not according to your God

Maria: can you fall in love with your sister?

Maria: can you like males?

Maria: how do you treat your parents?

Maria: etc?

Ivan: what are you talking about? THE CREATOR of the universe does not give two shits about who you fuck with! he is not even watching you (unlike your pervert angels)

Maria: so you can be with your mother?

Maria: that tells me something is wrong with your belief

Maria: that is abnormal according to how I believe

Ivan: because your god is petty and miniscule. he is deeply interested in your sex life. as a beholder

Maria: but yours tolerate if u love your mother....that is sick

Maria: or with your father

Maria: in todays world people would think u r insane

Ivan: do you know what is "projection"?

Maria: in your world there is no order

Maria: animals do not know who is the sister or brother

Maria: they go with one another and that is nature

Maria: but human are different than animals and that's what makes them human

Maria: according to u people are animals

Maria: according to your God

Maria: your false God

Ivan: my god does not care about your opinion. you are doomed anyway

Maria: you r crazy in your way of thinking

Maria: do you know what morals are

Maria: ethics?

Maria: probably not

Maria: why do you come to this chat since you don't speak our language here?

Maria: to brainwash people?

Maria: but they would not listen to your crazy thinking

although, I would like to hear your comments... and ideas how to proceed with this shit any further, what questions to ask? (do you have any particular hypothesis to test?).
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